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Dee Callahan Wolfs Robe Plays the Flute

"Always Faithful""Sedona Savior"" Burning Candles""Blue skies of Sedona""Living""Mother and child""White Dove""MomHallelujahMom's White Windmill Doves~The CrossWolfs Robe Plays the Flute
Wolfs Robe Plays the Flute
8" x 10" x 1"
American Indian
Photography / Color
Not For Sale

Wolfs Robe Plays the Flute

Today, I had the good fortune of meeting a true artist of the flute, and an educator who shared a wealth of information with me. His name is Wolfs Robe and he is a Native American Indian, of the Cherokee Nation; from Oklahoma~ Wolfs Robe can touch you spiritually more in one song than by spending a whole afternoon in church. His music is original and beautifully spiritual; soothing and healing. You may read more about him in my Blog called Wolfs Robe at ArtId's artists blogs~