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Dee Callahan Honoring Our Families

"The Teepee""Grandma Rose""All American"" The Eagle""An Artist At Work""Native American Indian Art"~"The Circle of Love"Honoring Our FamiliesAn Indian Gathering And Blessed Chant~A Native American Running For The Calif. AssemblySedona Flute Player~ Wolfs RobeWolfs Robe's Flutes
Honoring Our Families
5" x 7"
American Indian
Photography / Color
Not For Sale

Honoring Our Families

In October, 2010, my two cousins, Barbara and Mary held the 12th Annual family reunion which Barbara says was actually started by my Mother as a family tradition when she used to hold parties for her mother, my Grandmother Rose, who was of full-blooded Shoshone Indian descent. In any case, My youngest sister Anita and I wanted to do something to show "honor" to those who have gone before us, and also to those who still thrive; so we designed this cake with our own original ideas with the help of a brillant talent;our cake baker Lee Ann! Volia,here you have not only a colorful cake, but one of truly American; Native American History & blessings! Ah Ho~I hope you enjoy the design!