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Dee Callahan Ludlow Mining 1882

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Ludlow Mining 1882
5" x 7"
Photography / Color
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Ludlow Mining 1882

While in California recently, I was passing thru Ludlow, a little mining town; on my way to a bigger place. I came across this old mining car #5, that I just had to shoot. 5 is my lucky number. Back in the late 1800's Ludlow, California was known as a true mining town and even today, there is memorabilia laying around everywhere that you can take a few good shots of if you are up for it... I wrote a Haiku to go with this photo~ Incidentally the Ludlow Cafe was a very pleasant place to eat. The people were courteous and kind,and I had some of their awesome homemade Pumpkin pie!! Yum Yum!