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Dee Callahan "One Way Bridge" in Hanelei

"Chapel of the Holy Cross""The Arch""Beauty of the desert""Faithful""Old Ancient Piano""Blue Blue Skies of Sedona""Serenity"~ Reflections""At Birth""Seattle Alstromerias" "To Brighten your Day""Best of Red""The Ladder""One Way Bridge" in Hanelei
"One Way Bridge" in Hanelei
8" x 10"
Photography / Color
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"One Way Bridge" in Hanelei

This one way bridge in Hanelei is so narrow that definitely only one car can pass at a time; so it forces people to be patient and wait! That's not such a bad thing, especially when you are kicking back in Hanelei where all is well! I love Kauai, the garden island. It is my home away from home~ I go there as often as I can~ I wrote a Haiku to go with the photo of the "One Way Bridge" It will come with the signed matted pix~