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Dee Callahan "The Shoes"

"The Mystery Castle""The bird at the Mystery Castle""Inside the Mystery Castle""Her Bed""Old Ancient Piano""Spirits""The Shoes""The Singing Mime""Blue skies, white clouds""My Spiritual Retreat""Pinnacles""More of Sedona"
"The Shoes"
8" x 10"
Photography / Color
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"The Shoes"

In the Mystery Castle on South Hill, in Arizona, there is a chapel where weddings were once held. In the corner of the Chapel is a shelf that holds many shoes. The odd thing is that there is actually only one of each shoe, even tho' you may think that you are looking at pairs! Look closer~ The story goes like this... If you are a bride getting married in the chapel, you are told that after the ceremony, you are to take off and leave one shoe upon that shelf. If you do so, your husband will not stray and you will be happy and married forever~ Hmmm, they do not tell you what will happen if you don't! I found this to be amusing, and have written a very clever little haiku verse to go along with this picture. It will come with the signed, matted print.