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Dee Callahan "Mr. Snowman"

"The Frozen Maple""Brrrrrrrrr""The lone student""Mr. Snowman""Pride""Reflections""White Horse Crossing""Kent Park""Earthworks Park""The Gazebo""My Neighbor's Horse"
"Mr. Snowman"
5" x 7"
Photography / Color
Photo Realism
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"Mr. Snowman"

When I lived in Seattle, Washington, the weather could change pretty rapidly. Sometimes we would have a beautiful Spring where all of the flowers were in bloom, and in Autumn, there would be a myriad of colors on my maple tree... Winter was another story altogether! Some were harsh and windy, and more than once I got snowed in trying to get "off of the hill" I lived on, just to get to work... There were however many fun times too, as represented by " Mr. Snowman" that you see here. My neighbors children had a blast creating something out of nothing, and even dressed him up with their winter scarf....the little one said " To keep him warm!"...