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Dee Callahan "Cactus Beauty"

"Cactus Beauty""Barrel Cactus""Saguaro"The Cactus family""Desert Spoon""Old Man" Cactus~"The Prickley Pear" Cactus~"Red Rock and the Agave""Tall cactus""Surprise Cactus"~Backyard Cactus~California Cactus
"Cactus Beauty"
5" x 7"
Photography / Color
Photo Realism
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"Cactus Beauty"

One would not necessarily think that living in the desert would be much fun, as the temps can reach hideous highs, especially during the summer months, and particularly in July and August....however,once in a while when I am out driving someplace and least likely to expect it, I come across some miracle of Mother nature, and I am reminded that no matter where I am, Nature will provide me with wonderful, and inspirational scenes of her magnificent creations. Here is a photo I took that I will call "Cactus Beauty". It was both colorful and eye catching which gave me the incentive and inspiration to take more desert scenes.I will be adding them to my galleries soon.