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Dee Callahan "Syriam Kwam Rhak" I

"Syriam Kwam Rhak" IKalaya Mekhala"Rocky I  & Churai""Cat eyes""Why me?""In The basket!""Two heads are better than one""Aren't I beautiful!"
"Syriam Kwam Rhak" I
5" x 7"
Animal / Cats
Photography / Color
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"Syriam Kwam Rhak" I

This picture is of one of my Korats. His name was Rocky for short. His real name was Syriam Kwam Rahk #1. He was originally bred from a line that dates back 100's of years to the original Siamese cat of Siam/Thailand which was the Korat.Most of you know what the American Siamese looks like.They come with different colored points. The Korat however is silver-tipped with fur like velvet and eyes like dewdrops. Their eyes are amberish yellow in their early years and then turn almost chartreuse. They are gorgeous and well mannered loving animals. They are Pedigreed and hard to come by, but are well worth the wait. I have owned 4 korats over many many years, along with two other American bread Siamese seal points and an Absynnian or two...I have been fortunate to locate my Korats from the right breeders and enjoy these gentle cats. They are my children!