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I am a published writer of poetry and a freelance photographer. I am a "juried" artist~ I call my works of art "mypoetryart". They are a combination of both my Photography;art and poetry/prose. I generally write Haiku poetry to go along with my pictures,as it enhances the way that others look at them! It also gives the viewer an idea of what I was thinking when I took the shot! It is a very disciplined form of poetry that combines only 3 lines of 5,7 and 5 syllables to get my message across. All of my work is original and never color enhanced. All of the poetry is orginal and copyrighted. I have been writing all of my life and love adding this medium to my works. 64 comments


I have displayed and sold my works many different places. Some were throughout both Northern and Southern California; also Seattle & Kent;Washington(State);

Portland,Oregon,Las Vegas,and Laughlin,Nevada,Florida,New York & 4 Hawaiian islands.

I also sell throughout Arizona, where I currently live. My work has been on exhibit at the West Valley Arts Council Art Gallery in Surprise, AZ. as well as the Peoria City Hall Art Gallery, in conjunction with the West Valley Art Museum. I am a member of The West Valley Photo Club. My photography is now on Maui,Kauai Oahu,& the Big Island of Hawaii at Waikoloa. Many of my photographs also reside in Colorado,and who knows how many other different places,since several were purchased as gifts.The one thing that an artist does realize is that exposure is the key to becoming recognized. It helps people to learn about your style and be able to ID your work.$$ will come later on if you are passionate about your art and can show it in your work~ Most artists do art because they love to create~

As a member of the West Valley Photo Club in AZ., We go on field trips each month to catch some of the most beautiful scenes around,;also to mentor and to network.

I have sold many prints displayed at Art Museum gift stores, Art Faires, Holiday Faires, and of course by word of mouth,to friends,and friends of my friends. I have sold on eBay and Amazon and other venues too. I have donated my artwork to charities and non-profits as well. I have had my photographs in lobbies of many companies such as banks,and restraunts etc. I now choose to sell on ArtId and also imagekind, as I like their formats, their sincere support, and the camaraderie that I have found there.

I have been a long standing member and supporter of the West Valley Art Museum, and have participated in their art exhibits and art faires. I was a promoter of their " Affaire with the Arts" program and also a contributor to their "Art Garden" in Surprise, AZ. I currently hold an "Investor" Membership with the West Valley Arts Council, in Surprise Az. and my work was most recently exhibited at the Marley Park Art Gallery in December of 2011. I am currently in a "Juried" Statewide competition, for the Peoria Art Gallery, at City Hall,Peoria, AZ.(in conjunction with the West Valley Arts Museum) and continue to branch out in other areas.

I have sold my work in both the West Valley Art Museum and Phoenix Art Museum gift shops. In addition for 5 years running,I was the Art Faire director and coordinator for a local group of artisans in all medias for the Sun City West area of Az. I was responsible for recruiting artists for sculpture, pottery,glass blowing, photography,water color painting, oils,jewelry making,gourds, and more; and I was responsible for locations, promotion,displays,featured artists, etc. I have been a contributor to the West Valley Arts Council,and continue to be involved and participate in events they hold. I have also participated in events for the city of Phoenix, office of Cultural Affairs~ In addition, I am a UCLA Alum, and continuous supporter of the National Wildlife Federation where I still submit my best images, in hopes that one day, I might make the cover, or perhaps garner an honorable mention.

I have been writing poetry all of my life and have been taking pictures since I received my very first Brownie camera from my maternal grandmother,at the young age of about 6. Prior to setting up my personal gallery,I was a business woman and also a nurse. I like to say that both of these professions come in handy. The business side of art is of course important, but then so is the nuturing side that comes from my past nursing career. I hope you'll enjoy mypoetryart as much as I have enjoyed creating it to share with all of you! Thanx for viewing~ Feel free to comment on my blogs,or to drop by and sign my guest book~ Feedback is always welcome and is appreciated~

In 2013, I am planning completion of a body of my work that will be called "Hawaiiana", history,through (haiku) poetryart. I hope to be able to publish this book of selected photographs that I have taken over a period of many many years, along with my original written verse. It will be a coffee table type book. Additionally,I have just taken on a mentorship to Photographer Brandon Alcala, and have recently worked with him in order to get his ArtId galleries up. We will be working on some marketing of our photography together, out of Seattle. You should check out his work~ It's very unique and well composed~ Recently I have been in contact with the Phoenix Center for the arts about their upcoming Phoenix Center Holiday Festival,gallery exhibitions. In 2008 & 2009,I was a participant in a program for the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation and although I was not commissioned, I did receive an honorable mention. It has led to additional ventures for me~ "One door closes, but another sometimes even better, always opens" I am now looking for companies who may want to sell some of my photography and verse on their products. I have designed a custom card-line of my own that I am presenting to two card companies in California and Colorado soon~. I will also be opening an on-line store in the near future, where you will be able to pick any photo that I list and see what it looks like in different colored mats and frames. You will then be able to order custom-online... I am currently exploring several "Art Licensing" possibilities in 2012~ Photography and Poetryart are my passion~ Happy viewing~ & Thank you for stopping by~

New Note** As of July 5, 2011,you will also be able to go to another new website,where my artwork/photographs will be available to you on canvas as well as matted & framed prints. You will be able to select your own paramaters from my list, and even choose non-glare glass, amongst many other options for my works.

I hope you'll enjoy this new addition and feel free to join my fan base and leave new comments there, as well. Happy Viewing!If any questions feel free to use the contact button here~ is my latest creation and I hope you stop by!


Surprise, and Sun City West
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