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Deb Ward Art Blog

Yupo Painting

by debward , April 23, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: painting

This picture is also for Millie Gift Smith - with more apologies to her due to my attack of Yupo paper on her blog. Millie, this picture is the next (and last!) painting I have done on Yupo. Following the Yupo painting of the woman carrying the jugs, done in a class, I did this one on my own. At first I thought Yupo might be OK, just different. I do think I got some control over it here (be my guest to make a critique). But after spraying this one several times with a fixative, and realizing that the paint still "moved" if I touched it with a damp fingertip, and then seeing paintings on Yupo that had "bulged" or smudged due to moisture, I decided that Yupo just wasn't my "cup of tea". However, I hope my comments did not deter you from trying more Yupo paintings; once you get the hang of it you may really love it. (Just be aware of possible problems that can arise).



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