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Deb Ward Art Blog

Alan's Post Office (New Trenton, IN)

by debward , April 21, 2008—10:05 AM

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A couple of years ago our local Postmaster retired suddenly due to illness. He was a warm and friendly guy with a real great sense of humor and everyone in town loved him. We were sorry to see him go. As a token of our appreciation for his years of service I painted the post office on a half sheet of paper and our new Post Person (she does not like being called Post Mistress!) asked everyone in town to sign the painting (so many signatures it covered front and back and you can see some of the signatures around the building). I used my ___artistic license___ to put Alan__™s name and the year of his retirement on the sign. When we delivered it to his home he was very touched. A copy of the painting hangs in the post office to this day!



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