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Deb Ward Art Blog

Competition Entry

by debward , March 26, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: casein

I entered a picture into the Creative Catalyst Productions online show. By my count there were 115 entries - and I won an honorable mention! __" so I felt good about that! Check it out at:

The judge was Janie Gildow who has some amazing colored pencil work and has written some very informative (and beautiful) books. I had originally thought to enter a picture of marbles " until I saw her picture of marbles and thought otherwise. Figured she would think I was copycatting her to get entered __" and let™s face it, compared to her marbles mine were nothing special.

My picture is of my grandfather__™s shaving mug and roses on lace and is casein on watercolor board.




  Deb Ward ( homepage )

03/26/2008 * 20:24:00

For those of you interested - the picture is under the "Treasures" show, 4th row down, 1st picture (on my monitor) - maybe the 16th picture in the lot.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

03/26/2008 * 16:24:11

Congratulations! That's pretty cool, I hadn't thought about online galleries as somewhere else to potentially exhibit work. I didn't see your painting amongst the group though, did I miss it?

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