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Deb Ward Art Blog


by debward , February 11, 2008—12:00 AM

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As I stated previously, I__™m no expert on casein. But there are some well-known artists currently utilizing the medium of casein who are!

With their permission, here is a list of those artists and their websites. Take a look and enjoy some beautiful artwork.

Dana Brown - __" has used casein since 2005. She likes working on gessoed hardboards as well as archival double sided illustration board. When working on hardboard, she prepares the boards with gesso. ___Both surfaces work well -- the key is to find a surface that is slightly absorbent, with a bit of tooth, but rigid enough to prevent cracking of the paint over time.___ Dana also layers (glazes) casein. ___My first layers are fairly transparent and become progressively more opaque as I build detail and values. Casein dries quickly and can be worked into an hour or so later --- but as the layers develop patience may be needed for complete drying.___ Dana finishes her paintings with casein varnish applied with an air brush.

John Molnar - __" has been painting in casein since 1981. He likes to use a gessoed canvas which he coats completely with a casein undercoat for a uniform surface. He then blocks in his large shapes and works into his smaller shapes and values. John consults with Jack Richeson & Co. about casein and has been featured in articles about the medium in International Artist Magazine, The Artist Magazine and American Artist Magazine. John plans on releasing a pdf format book about casein some time in the near future.

Stephen Quiller - __" will have a book entitled ___Watermedia Painting With Stephen Quiller___ published by Watson-Guptill Publications. The book will be released this August and will contain a lot of information on casein.

Robert Tanenbaum - - has used casein since the 1970s, and is known for his paintings of sports figures in casein. He currently paints primarily in oil because ___that is what galleries want___, but he utilizes casein for color sketches for his oil paintings ___because it works for me like oil except it dries quickly; by the time I have washed out my brush the casein is dry and I can go on to my next layer.___ Watercolor Magazine, Spring 2001, has a feature article about him.

Leonard Williams - __" is the man who got me interested in casein in the first place! He is best known for his wildlife and landscape art. While he likes to paint on watercolor board, Leonard currently prefers thick Clayboard so he can paint the sides and not have to frame. He will either varnish his painting, or wait approximately 5-6 weeks when it has dried completely, and then burnish the painting with a soft cloth.

I would like to thank these talented artists for their generous offering of knowledge and for taking time to contact me.

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs about casein, and that it might intrigue you enough to try it out.

Happy painting!

(Image - Grandpa's Shaving Mug with Roses - one of a series of my "treasures" - casein on watercolor board, 14×18)




  Kells Mooty ( homepage )

02/19/2008 * 16:04:22

Wonderful work.Thanks for refreshing my memories! I painted with casein way back in the mid, I can't remember a lot about them.Except that they are milk based paint and ....something about poison comes to mind???
But, maybe that is an old wives-tale or something.


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

02/15/2008 * 03:13:34

Thanks for all the information. Beautiful work. I have used casine some, but not as liberal as these artists. Great Blog. Millie

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