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Deb Ward Art Blog

What all Artists Want!

by debward , January 20, 2008—12:00 AM

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Young or old, as artists, we all want the same thing __" recognition! So, how to go about it? In keeping with the recent blogs dealing with marketing, here are a few simple ideas I have tried.

The first simple thing you can do is make up some business cards. Almost everyone these days is capable of downloading one of their pictures to their computer, buying some business card forms and creating their own business cards. Carry some with you everywhere you go and hand them out or put them on bulletin boards in strategic locations, especially any art stores!

Have you done something newsworthy? Perhaps you have painted something for your church or as a community project. Have you entered any shows? Anything that you think might be newsworthy probably is. Contact your local newspapers by phone to ask who you should send information to. Most likely you will be given an email address along with the name of the contact person. Add the name to your email list and send information to that person with each of your accomplishments.

Join local art organizations. This will not only allow you to meet other artists and make friends with people who share your hobby, but many such organizations sponsor annual shows, which will get your work out among the public.

Start a data base. Create a list of names and addresses in your computer for printed labels, as well as in your email contact folder. Then, any time you do something newsworthy you can also mail or email information to everyone in your data base.

You already have your ArtId website, which is great, but you can also easily create your own website. This does not have to be anything fancy, and need not cost a fortune. Check with your local ISP or go to Yahoo! and set up a simple site. This will get your information ___out there___. Be sure to put that information on your business cards.

Not ready for a website? How about your own ___blog___? Again, not a hard thing to do and it will also get your artwork out there.

Remember what Hollywood says __" ___No publicity is bad publicity!___

Got any more suggestions? Let__™s hear about them and we can all learn from each other.

The picture posted is watercolor on Arches paper, 16×20 (sold).




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/21/2008 * 17:52:31

I was going to suggest bascially the same thing as Caroline. Take advantage of art related opportunities in your community. Even, or especially, if they are outside your normal aesthetic comfort zone. The great thing about these type of events, at least for me, is they have deadlines. And sometimes nothing helps focus creative energy like a looming deadline. And if the work doesn't sell, you've got one more image for your artid page!


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/20/2008 * 17:05:12

An additional suggestion I would have is to be alert for opportunities for featured artist events in your community. In my own community we have a First Friday Art Hop and artists may apply to participate in the Community Center, Public Library, and several coffee shops or restaurants, and a wine tasting facility. Work is usually up for a month, and I usually sell work when I am doing a First Friday show.

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