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Deb Ward Art Blog

New Years Resolutions

by debward , January 1, 2008—12:00 AM

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It__™s that time of year again " time to make your New Year™s resolutions. In addition to all of the old standbys, how about making some resolutions for your art?

First and foremost, as far as I am concerned, should be to compete AGAINST YOURSELF. That__™s right __" against yourself, not anyone else. This could mean many things to you.

See if you can push your limits with each successive painting for consistently better results. Don__™t let any failures stop you. ___ It may mean trying new techniques. ___ It may just mean sticking it out and finishing a painting, even if it is ___going south___, rather than tossing it and beginning a new one. Push yourself to learn how to correct mistakes. ___ It may mean trying a new medium - if you paint in watercolor, try acrylics, or vice versa. ___ It may mean trying some new colors. ___ Paint something you don__™t normally paint, i.e., try portraits if you are a floral painter and vice versa.

Resolve to take some classes or a workshop.

Join an art organization. (If you live in or near any decent sized city there are probably art groups available.) ___ Go to an art store and ask if they know of any organizations or classes. ___ Ask other artists if they belong to a group or give lessons. ___ Visit galleries and do the same.

Find inspiration. ___ Visit museums or galleries to get ideas or just get energized. Most people live within a reasonable drive of a major city. (I am fortunate to live outside Cincinnati and about an hour away from Indianapolis. Both have great art museums that are conducive to a day trip.) Take a friend and make a day of visiting local museums. Flip through art books or magazines. Go through your pile of photos or digital images. Daydream!

Set specific goals for your art. ___ This may mean painting every day, or once a week or just to finish one picture a month __" whatever seems reasonable to you, but something that will push you just a bit farther.

Whatever you do - just remember to make you OWN resolutions! While any step forward is good, don__™t allow yourself to be pushed into doing something you are uncomfortable with just because you see other artists doing the same. When that happens, you lessen the joy you feel in creating and what once was fun becomes a chore.

Everyone has their own idea of what they want to achieve __" just keep pushing yourself to achieve the best that you can to reach YOUR goal





01/21/2008 * 09:38:40

I totally agree with you on this blog. I get frustrated because I will start a painting and then if I don't get to a certain place in it--I put it aside and lose interest in it. I never seem to want to finish a piece before I start another one. In some ways, I guess we all do that--is that true? Like to hear from you atists as to the solution. Millie


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/18/2008 * 20:05:18

I couldn't agree more with the notion at periodic goal setting helps us stretch and keeps us going. The following is a snippet from my "President's Message" in the newsletter of our local branch of the National League of American Pen Women: I don’t know that I so much make resolutions at the New Year as take inventory and set goals. My other New Year’s compulsion is that the house must be clean and spiffy as one new calendar comes down and the other becomes effective. As I’ve read about customs for the various New Year’s celebrations around the globe, this “sweeping clean” tradition is a common thread.

But back to inventory and goals—some of mine inevitably relate to creative activity, as I’m sure do those of many of you.

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