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Deb Ward Art Blog


by debward , November 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, member news, painting

Next there was ___Racing for the Cure___ __"here is another digital photo of my photos __" and when I painted this one my son was impressed! He said I pretty much got the muffler, etc. correct on the bottom of the brick. If you cannot see it well, I tried to paint it as though you were looking at each side of a race car (both sides, top, bottom, front and back) so that all sides of the brick were painted.

It is interesting here to note that there was a brick with the title ___Race for the Cure___ this year! It involved little toy cars on a race track around the brick! There was also a Marilyn Monroe brick and ___Brick Jagger___ __" jagged brick with big lips painted on __" too cute!

The following year I painted ___Checkmate___ __" you can view this one at on the ___Contact us___ page! I must not have taken photos of this one myself.



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