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Deb Ward Art Blog

Figures in Watercolor

by debward , July 2, 2008—01:40 AM

Topics: painting, watercolor

My husband and I had gone to Mobile, Alabama last year to see the battleship USS Alabama, and then drove around the area for awhile before heading to New Orleans. These girls were bouncing on a huge branch somewhere in Fairhope, Alabama. They just struck me __" they were at that ___in between___ age __" still little girl enough to play, but beginning to develop into young ladies. When I got out of the car to take their photo they automatically struck poses! I had to wait a couple minutes to get a more natural pose, until they went back to bouncing, but they were still aware of me.

My purpose in this painting was not to get an exact likeness of the girls, but to work on figures. However, I do think that if you knew these girls you would actually recognize the girl on the left and might figure the other two to be related to someone you know!

For some reason I__™m becoming interested in figures. Combined with wanting to venture into different mediums and techniques " what™s up with that? Maybe I__™m becoming an artist after all!



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