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Deb Ward Art Blog

Yupo Peony

by debward , June 27, 2008—08:00 PM

Topics: Yupo

Oops - posted the wrong image before -

Here__™s my latest " done in Yupo. Those of you who know me know that I really hate this stuff. However, one of my students wanted to try it, she had heard so much about it. I figured I couldn™t go wrong by painting a flower, and I__™m really quite satisfied with it.

For you ___Yup-ors___ " you may be able to detect the fact that I used a foam roller and some alcohol but don™t know all the tricks - don__™t have the George James video, don__™t plan to get it, either! (Although, never say never). I even managed to glaze in a few spots (my favorite way to paint).

So, feel free to pick it apart and let me know what I should have done. (Just don__™t expect me to do it!)

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06/28/2008 * 09:40:45

Hi Deb,
I really like this painting. You have mastered yupo. I do have the George James videos, which are good, but I never could begin to paint like he does His work is very unusual. Keep it up --you are doing great. Millie.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/27/2008 * 21:59:47

This is lovely, Deb. I've never used anything but water and paint when I work with yupo, nor did I know that there is a video that tells all the tricks. There is much to be said for just experimenting!

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