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Desired Constellation About

Two hands, many minds. The Desired Constellation is a collective, a "Multiple" system of many persons living in one body, exploring different ways of expressing themselves and explaining themselves through art. Add Comment


Born as Jon Vermunt in small town Alberta, the collective were diagnosed in 2008 with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). By consensus the group chose to forgo integration and instead share their one life together. Several members express themselves artistically and are studying under a local artist, after starting out self-taught.

One Faraday works primarily in mixed media, creating awe inspiring futuristic cityscapes and scenes inspired by dreams.

Ian Night works in acrylic and found objects, pouring paint to create vivid abstracts reminiscent of primordial ooze.

Nathan Day works mostly in pastel, and creates introspective scenes that explore his relationship with Night.

Ronin Ellis works mostly in watercolour and creates abstracts and city scenes.