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David Bowerman Art Blog

de Cupid and Psyche

by DBOWERMAN , July 17, 2009—02:37 PM

Topics: copper, movable sculpture, wood

Take a look at my new video of a private commission. What do you think?




  carole guthrie ( homepage )

04/05/2010 * 14:38:29

David: I love these sculptures. It's such a wonderful segue from your protraiture. They have such great style. I really enjoyed them. Are you going to be at the Boca show on Thurs? I hope to make it but am leaving for England on Friday early.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/21/2009 * 08:28:10

I LOVE it!! I watched it about 5 minutes ago and I still have a smile on my face:) Great work and amazing presentation.



  Peter Barnett

07/21/2009 * 06:40:48

Nice! Since when have your heads stopped meditating long enough to smile?

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