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Dave Barazsu About

I'm more of a hobbyist that a profesional artist. Creating art is a means of relaxing and getting away from the everyday "hustle & bustle". Add Comment


Crediting both of his parents for his artistic ability, Dave Barazsu believes he was born with artistic talents, describing himself as _____a hobbyist who loves to create and to duplicate_____ rather than a professional artist. Recalling his early artistic leanings during childhood, Dave enjoyed copying newspaper and magazine photos plus other reproductions of art ____" mostly black & white line drawings ____" which brought him sense of accomplishment and the desire to study to become a commercial artist. Throughout high school he contributed the newspaper as a cartoonist and painter of billboards for the school____™s athletic department. While in college, Dave found himself exploring and challenging a variety of directions in art, including psychedelic, abstract, realism, figure study, expressionism, and impressionism ---- all part of this learning and perfecting journey_____. _____I feel that satisfaction is not reached until I believe I have perfected what I set out to achieve. Sometimes it____™s conquering a certain medium, a color, subject matter, method or discipline; and then, even if that realm is realized, there____™s still that desire to work further toward greater perfection!_____

While traveling extensively, Dave preferred to document his travels with art rather than photographs. Along the way, painting and drawing some of each destination____™s most beautiful and unique scenery, he chose water color and pencil as mediums because both fit easily in a small suitcase. Most works are create on-site (plein air), as can be seen by visiting the artist____™s catalog. When art is created while viewing and utilizing two dimension subject matter such as reproductions and photos, the resulting artwork appears flat._____ On the other hand, he states _____Plein air brings out the true three-dimensional feeling I wish to convey through my artwork._____

Overtime, Dave has create, compiled and stored numerous works art. Friends have continuously begged him to part with his art. Reluctant to do so and desiring to maintain possession of the originals Dave has recently begun to make his art available by reproduction. To maintain the quality Dave strives for, his prints are created on archival art paper and Gliclee printing. This process has been proven to provide a duplicate as near to original as possible without fear of deterioration and the fading that often comes with other methods of printing after a lapse of time.


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