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David Cherry Art Blog

Can I be finished now!

by DavidCherry , May 19, 2009—10:43 AM

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I have always been a creative person and have learned how to implement it in the business world, but I am having a huge issue with it in the art world.

It has been several months now since I picked the pencil up again and started my art and I have really enjoyed it. I quickly finished 5 drawings, some good some not so good! During this time my projects have ranged in difficulty.

My biggest issue now comes with my current project, "Dreams". I have posted several times on my blog with updates but for the past couple of weeks I have had real creative issues. It has definitely been the most time consuming art that I have done so far and now that I have gotten so far I am afraid to mess it up. I have intentions and need to put the background of the golf course but I love what I have done and don't want to mess it up.

Is this a common problem with artists and if so how do you get around it!

I have several other projects that I want to work on and I am excited about, but I love "Dreams" and want to be able to call it finished. Should I set it aside and work on a new project? I believe it might get my creative juices flowing, where as now I just sit there with nothing done. At the same time, I am afraid that if I set "Dreams" aside that it won't ever get completed!

I would love to hear from other artists to hear if this is a common issue and what they have done to over come it!!






05/20/2009 * 00:19:45

HI, Well, I just read your blog and I will give you my opinion of what to do. This is just some of my own things that I have learned as I have painted over the years. I will get really excited about a piece that I am working on--and if I don't get it to a certain place--I lose my train of thought in why I started it.--and usually it ends up unfinished. I have many unfinished paintings--but that not all bad-- because I find that I have learned so much from each one and progressed into better work. I also found that --with me--I love to try all different medias and venture out into the unknown. At this time--I am struggling with abstract. I love a good abstract and want to do one that I really feel is good.If you have looked at my work, you will see that I do many different subjects in all techniques and mediums. I feel that this helps me grow better. If I struggle too long--I get discouraged and try something new. However, I found that some of my unfinished work I liked the best. All I can advise you to do is keep on drawing and use all this to your advantage and paint, paint and then paint!!! I hope that this will give you an idea of what to do. Good luck, but its hard work that is rewarding. Milliegiftsmith


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

05/19/2009 * 22:28:05

I would say set it aside, but not out of sight. I often have more than one project going at a time. Seeing an "in progress" work as I go about other things lets me get the distance necessary to return to it with a fresh frame of mind.

There is also the problem, sometimes, of whether a work is finished yet or not. A wait period can help with that decision, too.


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