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David Cherry Art Blog

Need Help with getting Prints made

by DavidCherry , March 4, 2009—01:35 PM

Topics: Prints, help, printers, products, supplies

I am having so many ideas and not enough time to do them in! Although it is frustrating at times, it is also exciting.

My biggest issue that I have run into so far is finding a good person to make my prints. I have found someone locally that can do it and he is a great person very customer service oriented. The problem is I think his prices are to high and I don't know if he is big enough to handle it in the future.

The problem is, is I don't know where else to go or look. Does anybody have any idea of who I should go to to get my artwork made into prints and what price I should be looking at. Any other information that would help a starting artist would be great, like what to ask for.

I am currently paying $5 for a 8" X 10" and $30 for a 16" X 20".

Thank you very much for any help that can be given!!




  Sheila Wedegis ( homepage )

03/08/2009 * 11:13:25

Hi David,
I have Giclees made from some of my work but for smaller prints..8×10 I use my printe and Epson Professional matte paper. I'm looking into an Epson prnter. Check those out it may be worth the investment as you continue your work!

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