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David Cherry Art Blog


by DavidCherry , March 2, 2009—12:00 AM

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Welcome everyone!

I am a new artist here on! My favorite medium is using charcoal or pencil. I like to compose my art in black and white with a little color added in just the right places.

I use pictures that I take using my local community as my inspiration, hence the name "Inspired Community."

As a very young child, my mother used to take me with her to her art classes as she like to paint. I don't think I like it much though since the stories I hear are that I always cried, and she would have to leave early. However, I must of picked something up though because I started drawing at a very early age. Ok I probably inherited from my mother, but I like to think I was a very gifted child and picked it up quickly from the classes.

My parents quickly realized my talents and enrolled me in some art classes myself. It wasn't too long in elementary school that my teachers where requesting that I teach the class how to draw "Garfield", my specialty at that time. So, I got to go around from class to class teaching my classmates from various grades on how to draw. I like it because it got me out of class. Later, I started drawing large replicas of "The Garbage Pail Kids" and selling them to the same classmates for $.50 each, and my entrepreneurs dream began.

I did enjoy drawing and did it off and on for most of my young childhood, however, as I got older golf became my passion as I began playing for the golf teams. I started drawing less and less until it was dropped completely after I graduated high school.

The thrill of owning m own business became my dream and consumed my everyday thoughts. I began working for a small restaurant chain and quickly rose through the ranks and went from a server to the server manager within a year. During this time my mother had started her own business, Cherry Designs, Inc., designing blown glass ornaments and selling them wholesale. ( I had been designing the training manuel and the website for the restaurant and really enjoying it as it got me back in touch with my creative side. These needs where needed by my mother for her website, catalog, and print ads so I quickly went to work for her!

I have been working there for 8 years doing all the digital artwork and for the past 3 years I have designed a few ornaments including the Pickle People. It wasn't until December of 2008, when my wife bought me the book "The Success Principles" that I realized what I was missing.

Although I started drawing at a very early age I really just started picking up the pencil again in the past month. Within a weeks time I had 4 individual pictures drawn with several others in mind and slated to come out within a few weeks time.

My purpose is to use my creativity and compassion to support and inspire others to become conscious and live in the present moment. I am always very grateful of any purchase that either Cherry Designs, Inc. or Inspired Community receives as there is so much other products they could choose. To show my gratitude you can find the universal symbol for gratitude in our logo and in every piece of artwork I do.

I look forward to sharing my artwork and my stories, and I hope you will enjoy them!

David Cherry




  Sheila Wedegis ( homepage )

03/03/2009 * 10:16:19

Oh David!!! I have "The Success Principles" also. What a great book! It's one that you can read over and over, pick up and just open to any page and get what you need. Welcome to the group.
Sheila Wedegis


  David Cherry ( homepage )

03/02/2009 * 20:33:10

Thank you Mary!!

Before my mother started Cherry Designs, Inc. she had owned a tea room for 4 years. I worked there while I was in high school. That is how I got in the restaurant business. I loved it until I got married and started having a family. Working during the holidays was not for me after that!!


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

03/02/2009 * 19:09:35

Welcome David,
That's a big jump from the restaurant business into computer design, and you seem to have done it gracefully. I think your drawings are sensitive and well executed, I look forward to seeing more of your work and hearing more of your stories on ArtId.

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