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David Abse About

Anglo-Welsh artist living in the south of France. David produces a range of work in a variety of styles, using all sorts of different media. David likes to experiment and sees the creative process also as a learning and playing process. At the same time David believes it is important that his work communicates and is enjoyed by viewers. Add Comment


David Abse was born in December 1958. David studied art and design at the University of Wolverhampton in the early 1980s, and has subsequently exhibited his work throughout the UK (including the Francis Kyle Gallery in London, and the Bradford Biennale) and elsewhere in the world, including France, Japan and Poland. In 2009 David__™s work was featured on BBC TV__™s "The One Show".

For 30 years David worked in the UK's charity sector. His achievements in that sector include 7 years as Chief Executive of Islington Voluntary Action Council, setting up and founding PEACe, London Voluntary Service Council__™s highly respected HR project. Whilst working at LVSC David gained an MA in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. David wrote several chapters of the well-known publication ___Voluntary But Not Amateur___.

Five years ago David moved to France, and returned to full time painting, drawing and printmaking. David has exhibited throughout the world. as shown in the list below. In addition "L'H__rault Art" ran a six page feature on his work in 2011, and LondonArt featured David as their Artist of the Week: "Art can soothe and harmonise or it can attack the viewer and take them to a new place. The art of David Abse is highly contrasting, with a variety of colours placed onto the canvass with an energetic, street-wise hand. Combining a multitude of influences, ranging from the cerebral artistic musings of the expressionists to the gritty urban graffiti styles of inner city artists, these works shine outwards with a confidence and an attitude that is utterly compelling. Obviously, these paintings would look fabulous in any modern setting and would provide a flash of vitality to any room. When forms and landscapes appear they are effortlessly stylised, proving an imagined expression of the scene, rather than a faithful reproduction of it. The feeling of each place is captured by his artistic skill, with villages and buildings imposing their shapes upon the canvas. Mountain ranges glisten with a vivid blue that makes them appear as a heavenly backdrop to the town nestling below. The influence of street art and the New York scene of the 1980s is clear to see, but this work takes that influence and applies it in a modern and original way. By mixing acrylics and spray paint, David creates a rich texture and an interesting range of effects in his portfolio. Thickly applied creams provide a background to the splashes of reds and yellows, creating a dreamy, yet potent image. The heavily handled reds invoke passion and invite the viewer to lean closer to admire the deftly handled details across the work. The contemporary nature is further emphasised with a number of film and music references, which tie these paintings in to a wider cultural landscape. Combining painting and printmaking with his creative project in the south of France, David Abse continues to be an important part of the artistic community. His work is highly regarded here at LondonArt and we are delighted to name him artist of the week."

David lives with his family in a small house in the beautiful medieval village of Les Matelles in the H__rault.


1983: Tarmac Prize ____" Wolverhampton UK

1984: Ferens Art Gallery ____" Open - Hull UK

1984: Bradford Print Biennale - UK

1985: Kanagawa Print ____" Japan

1985: Leigh Gallery, Kings Cross, London (solo show)

1986: Open Print Exhibition, Krakow, Poland

2010: New Paintings: Matelles-Art Gallery, France

2011: March: Liquid Oxygen ____" Group Show, Icosahedron Gallery, New York, USA

2011: April: Le Printemps en Folie Le Soleil Bleu Galerie, Lod____ve, France

2011: May: Animals Art Nomade, Gignac, France

2011: May 21: Pic Saint Loup _____Festa Trail_____, St Mathieu, France

2011: June: Boom The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2011: June/July: Animaux, Matelles-Art Gallery, France

2011: October: Parallax Art Fair, London, UK


Francis Kyle Gallery, London (1984-1990)


June/July 2011 edition of L____™Artiste. (See ).


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Les Matelles
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