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Authentic Celebrity-Signed Portraits! Art Blog

Welcome to my Gallery of Celebrity-Signed Artworks!

by dannypio , November 9, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: autographed, celebrity, collectible, memorabilia, photos, signed, star


Thanks for looking at my one-of-a-kind framed celebrity portraits! These artworks, created in my mind, will hopefully stir a memory, or a feeling, in yours.

Please keep in mind that we take requests, as we have a large inventory and new artworks are added regularly. We also offer low-cost 'print' versions of almost every item, and of course one - and only one - of the original signed portrait! day, years ago, your favorite star placed their hand and signed their name - just for you. Many of these stars have passed on, and there will be no more once they're gone..they're gone. FREE AUTOGRAPHED CHECK!->..Just click the 'contact' button and send us an email answering the following questions: 1) What were you seeking when you came across our site? 2) What do you think about our portraits (creativity/pricing/etc.) AND site navigation? 3) Do you have any suggestions about our products or website? Please answer as honestly as you can, and select the celebrity check you desire. We will send a high-quality reproduction check, suitable for framing. (Add'l contact Thank you!



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