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Dan Dolan - Personal Injury Attorney

Dolan Law

Having won a number of personal injury cases and recovered over eighty millions dollars worth of compensation, it is really something which competent lawyers like Atty. Dan Dolan ( can be proud of. For him, it is what pays all his effort since he was still a law student at the St. Thomas University School of Law and an associate of some leading law firms. However, for his clients and peers, what he has accomplished is the proof that he is really suited for the practice of law and someone who can be relied on when it comes to winning the said type of case. This is probably the reason why he was elected as president in several law organizations and got a highest rating in his peers review.

It is the good identity that is also reflected on the performance of his associates at the Dolan Law that is composed of Florida wrongful death attorney and many other competent and specialized lawyers. This firm was founded by Atty. Dan Dolan after he has already established himself in the field and ready to cater the needs of many personal injury clients seeking for competent legal services. The Dolan team offers free case evaluation and ensures clients of paying nothing in case of no recovery. They utilize an online site to serve clients' concern immediately, and to provide them essential information about the firm and the law associates.

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