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Danielle M. Le Bris About

I January 2007, I began painting a series of small work on paper, archival panels and wood blocks. My main interests were colors, texture, spontaneity and imagination. The inspiration came from my childhood and world traveling experiences. The imageries were created from memory where I worked at recapturing the colors, scents and magic of these special moments. Add Comment


I was born and raised in Versailles, France. I lived near Louis XIV's Palace and as a child I played in its garden. There, I discovered art while admiring the sculptures adorning the paths. One day, walking through the Palace's many rooms, I saw a portrait of Marie-Antoinette with her children painted by Madame Vigee-Le Brun. I was struck by lightning! That day I decided to become an artist. I was 6 years old.

I studied art in France, England and the United States. In the U.S. I studied at the University of the Art in Philadelphia. I also graduated from the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, also in Philadelphia. My work is in private collections throughout Europe and the United States.


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