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___Breakfast Of Champions__™ or ___Superhero Lunch Atop A Skyscraper__™ " Call It What You Like, My Picture Has Sold Millions __" So How Come I™m Not Rich?? or Now I Know How Metallica Felt.

The Bittersweet Tale Of Breakfast Of Champions/Superheroes Lunch Atop A Skyscraper.

Do you recognise this picture? I did it a few years ago. It__™s called Breakfast Of Champions, and when I was doing it I thought it was pretty good but had no idea how massively successful it was going to be. I do now. It__™s massively successful. So where__™s my huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills? Unfortunately I__™ve probably seen about 1% of the profits from its sales (which is not a small amount, so I can__™t complain too much, considering all the art I__™ve put so much work into that earned me a big fat nothing.

By the time I did Superhero Lunch Atop A Skyscraper er I mean Breakfast Of Champions, I__™d been taking my art career seriously for a few years, put a website together back when you had to learn code (which i__™ve now almost completely forgotten how to do) and put up as much of my art as I had ready.

When Breakfast Of Champions was put on my website it got respectable sales " and around this time I did a deal with a national chain of art stores, like an Athena for the 21st century ( a chain store that sold posters, I™m not saying I was suddenly like a Greek Goddess). Suddenly it was flying off the shelves everywhere, and I was spending money to advertise the thing on Facebook and that was reaping loads of orders too. I was happy.

After a while though, I__™d hear that somebody bought it in New York __" except I had no deal with anyone in New York to sell it. Reader, I was being PIRATED. Some of the fakes were very poor quality, all they needed to do was put a print into a copier and get a perfect copy, but some seemed to be made from a photo from a phone. Taken by a dog. And then there were copycat versions. Or just very shoddily versions printed from a potato Or well-executed knock-offs of my brilliant idea

My original was being mass-produced in China and elsewhere , sold to outlets all over the world, nobody cared which poor sod did the thing .Or wanted to give him any money. I do realise that I don__™t exactly own the copyright of any of the characters in my piece, so I can__™t complain too much. I__™ve never had a cease and desist from Marvel or DC and I hope this piece doesn__™t get me one. But I__™ve worked out roughly how many must__™ve been made and sold in the five years since I made it and it must__™ve grossed over a billion dollars. Ok, maybe a million.

One thing I__™ve learnt is that I should__™ve called the piece ___Superhero Lunch Atop A Skyscraper___ as many of the counterfeiters were calling it " because the original photo was called ___Lunch Atop A Skyscraper.

So if someone had seen it somewhere and googled for it, they were much more likely to google ___Superhero Lunch Atop A Skyscraper__™ than ___Breakfast Of Champions.__™

Just last week I found over a dozen counterfeits on Ebay, and as usual I have asked for them to be deleted and as usual it is taking weeks. I shouldn__™t be doing that, I should be enjoying Pi__a coladas on a yacht bought with my millions.

So you live and learn. And maybe if I post this, with the bloody term Superheroes Lunch Atop A Skyscraper all over the place it will help my art come up higher in the google search rankings, people might come here and read this (like you did, thanks!) and people will buy the picture from me, not some___ thieving bastards.

You don__™t have to buy anything though, buy a rip-off copy, I don__™t give a monkeys anymore (I still give a monkeys).




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