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Mr.Zen Minimalist

The party
  • The party
  • Acrylic Painting | 110" x 55" x 2"
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Ttile : The party Size:280X140 cm Acrylic oncanvas Date:April 2014 Description: The instruments for entertainment are various and one of them is sexual activity. The artist conveys to the viewers in humor and symbolic that is a distinctive point of the piece.
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Speak for itself
  • Speak for itself
  • Acrylic Painting | 39" x 39" x 2"
  • Some time we found that the best way of communication is the silence.
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Entertain yourself
  • Entertain yourself
  • Acrylic Painting | 31" x 39" x 2"
  • This one is quite erotic style and it's expression is the nature of human.
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  • Flooding
  • Acrylic Painting | 59" x 59" x 2"
  • The painting conveys to the living together under the terrible situation and resource constraint. As same as the real life, we are all living together in biology, an organism is any contiguous living system such as a vertebrate, insect and plant. So how can we learn to live and rely on in this planet.
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Fill out
  • Fill out
  • Acrylic Painting | 59" x 43" x 2"
  • -Fill out Size:150X110 cm Acrylic on canvas Date : June 2014 Description : We can find the aesthetics pleasure of learning as same as drinking coffee.
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The lady in Tea time
  • The lady in Tea time
  • Acrylic Painting | 43" x 59" x 2"
  • - Lady with a tea time Size:110X150cm Acrylic on canvas Date: April 2014 Description: Zen principles are in the usual life as we are walking and eating. The consideration of activity in everyday life is the practicing mind. And woman on the painting is showing the concept.
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