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Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst Art Blog


by dahurst , August 9, 2011—05:36 PM

Topics: announcement, art, christmas, commissions, galleries, oils, painting, portraits

I have looked around a lot for a good place to post an ad, blog, whatever, that pertains to commission sales. Because I have access to this site, I though it highly appropriate to put an "ad" here. Or, call it an announcement. I am very well-versed in all 2-D media and I have done numerous commissioned pieces over my professional career. As I track down more, I will put them in a special gallery. In the meantime, I did this piece for a Christmas present last year. Not only was the client completely overjoyed, but so was her husband. Please feel free to contact me for information, pricing, etc. Daryl-Ann Hurst



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