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Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst Art Blog

Blogs, blogs and more blogs

by dahurst , August 8, 2011—04:56 PM

Topics: announcement, art, galleries, in, places, reviews, small

I am announcing that I have a new blog on wordpress, and I will start posting here, as well. More is....well, more exposure. More chances to get picked up by bing, Google, etc. The blog on wordpress is called artinsmallplaces ( ). It is in its infancy-barely three weeks old. So far, the blog is receiving support, though I have not garnered a ton of hits yet. It concentrates on art exhibits, especially those that might show up in random places (the smaller, the better), and my work. So far, I have written some reviews, told the story of how I came to this, and talked a little about my own work. I hope everyone can check it out-and like I said, I plan to bring it all to a website (artid) near you! Daryl-Ann Dartt-Hurst



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