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My passion is art. I love and enjoy creating surrealistic paintings and designs. I am a big fan of bold and exotic colors that exude intense emotional reactions. I am compelled by the unusual and the seductive elements in a work. I flip on the metal tunes and away I go.(Exotic: a person or thing that is foreign and unusual, especially a plant or animal, strikingly unusual and often very colorful and exciting or suggesting distant countries and unfamiliar cultures, ecology introduced from another place or region.) (Dreamy: caused by dreaming or by thinking about something very pleasant and absorbing, having a tendency to spend time daydreaming or lost in thought, strange, vague, or ethereal, like an image in a dream, gently soothing and relaxing, extremely good-looking or desirable.) My favorite tool is the magic wand. My favorite material is acrylic paint; color: Ultramarine Blue. I love the ability to render emotion. When I say a piece turns out really well, I am saying that I have fulfilled my obligation of creating a compelling work, and that it strikes a chord in the viewer; either emotionally or physically. I enjoy working with Asymmetrical patterns; generally working off of light and color. While working through a concept I like to choose a more dynamic style and approach that are contrasting to the way I have been taught. My favorite color cannot be narrowed to just one; however, I do favor black & red as a combination and Ultramarine blue for a hue. The rational for these choices are seductive, calming and vibrant attributes of the schemes I like to portray. When I work with graphics, I am reminded that thought and images in my head can be communicated in many ways. I begin a piece by developing a thought, a reaction, an action or concept. I begin with thumbnails and develop compositions that demonstrate variety and a dynamic flow. I know a piece is complete when I start back at square one to find some other way of communicating the idea or concept. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of honor and excitement. For I know I have done the best I can with what I know and have to work with. When people see my work, I'd like them to say to me how much they appreciate the art. I think an emotional reaction constitutes a greater response; furthermore, it satisfies me to no end to know I have touched someone in some way.


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