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Shirley MacGregor About

I create fiber art because I truly enjoy working with fabrics and color. The colors and textures captivate me, especially when I can change the way they look and feel. I keep challenging myself to explore more and to go beyond what I have done in the past. My hope is that my work truly captures the attention of the observer, and that he or she appreciates and enjoys my interpretations, and takes away something ponder. I base my work on photographs I take of a variety of items I observe in nature or the environment, either at home or while traveling. Developing the ideas from these pictures is a fascinating part of the process. I often use my computer to make patterns or images, then interpret or transfer them to a fabric medium. I enjoy finding unusual media to apply to my projects, whether it be fabric, paint, dyes, or items from nature, such as dried leaves. I am currently exploring the use of recycled materials, especially plastics that are found in everyday use. Many years ago our family left a quiet life on a small farm to live overseas. This is when my quilting life took off, and I turned my skills into teaching to the natives in the countries in which I lived. While living in Japan I discovered the beautiful manhole covers that adorn the streets of most cities and towns. This inspired two books, Quilting with Manhole Covers and Treasures Underfoot. A move to Seoul, Korea, provided a venue for publishing, and the inspiration for a third book with a Korean theme; Quilting in the Morning Calm. In 2003 we returned to Oregon, and eventually settled in Portland. I found that living overseas had kept me from trends in the fiber arts that had developed in the US during my absence, and upon my return, began to broaden my perspectives. With memories, photos and fabrics gathered from a variety of countries and cultures, I set off in new directions. 1 comment


AWARDS: In USA, Korea and the UK, Shows in USA, UK, Japan, Korea and The Netherlands. Traveling/challenge work in New Zeland, UK, France, Japan and Korea.

BOOKS PUBLISHED: Quilting in the Morning Calm 2001, Treasures Underfoot 2000, Quilting with Manhole Covers 1998

EXPERIENCE: 1987-2002 Quilt Artist and Instructor, Seoul, Korea, Zushi, Japan, US Naval Base, Guant__namo Bay, Cuba, Woodbridge, England, and Zeist, The Netherlands. EDUCATION: B.S. Degree 1988, Computer Science/Far East Studies, Western Oregon University Monmouth, OR.


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