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Chris Spuglio About

Born: Boston, MA 12 Years Professional Artist Shown in professional galleries of Boston, New York City, Hartford, Philadelphia, Chicago and more. Add Comment


I was born and raised in Boston, MA and have been a resident of Greater Boston all of my life. I took art and creativity as my passion at an early age which I have continued throughout my life. I attended MassArt College before graduating from Salem State College with a B.A. in Fine Art. After leaving school, I pursued a professional painting career exhibiting in galleries all over New England and have been showing in professional galleries and shows for the past seven years.

I believe that the greatest visuals are divided between subjects of live and dead and I am fascinated with the transition between the stages of existence and non-existence. Organic bodies in mid-transition as they break down and disappear reciprocating the growth process. The breakdown of dreams and images fuel my work and supply endless subject matters that are intresting while developing a connection to the viewer.

I__™m interested in the after effects of visual build-up and concentrate on the symbols and meanings of the hypnopompic images. Due to physical injuries earlier in life, I have taken an interest in organic and skeletal structures in many stages like growth, repair and decay.

In an age of stress, anguish and hardship, I try to impose a sense of dismality to show that all people, places and things will eventually expire and be returned to the nature that presented them to the world. Realization that everyday should reflect the courage to take chances as well as conforming to the frailty of our bodies and minds.

For the last two years, I have been importing more and more textures into my work. It takes my work to a greater level in many ways. By scumbling and other impasto methods, I can apply the paint in a manner that best represents a surrealist eye. Through method and application, I create renditions I feel best represent the hypnopompic image. I recall phrases and symbols best to accompany the color, shape and overall message of a piece.

I know when a piece is complete if there are no other known elements that have revealed their significance to the overall subject matter. I believe that this critical stage is the most important to a painter. Each addition will ultimately change the mood or presentation, even by one stroke and simplicity gets my greatest respect.


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