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Crystal Adams "Nine" (Celebration of Life)

OneThreeFiveSeven"Nine" (Celebration of Life)
"Nine" (Celebration of Life)
36" x 48" x 2"
Painting / Oil
$2,000.00 Purchase

"Nine" (Celebration of Life)

So many meanings within the painting, the inspiration was inspired my a theme called "Celebration of Life" and this is also the final addition to the "135 Series" The Punu Mask These masks are worn by Mukuji initiates and could be worn during mourning but also at birth ceremonies and, therefore, symbolize a link with loved ones both already dead and those just born. These masks are generally performed individually and with very carefully prepared staging. The mask, through its gestures and acrobatics must bring life to the image of the deceased or death itself. The masked dancer emerges completely covered on stilts from behind the house at sunrise or sunset, but never in broad daylight. He waves the brush to keep away witches and bad energy. He is accompanied by several men that dance with him and musicians that set the rhythm. Sometimes women and children are aloud to join.