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Crystal Adams One

OneThreeFiveSeven"Nine" (Celebration of Life)
30" x 40"
Painting / Oil
$800.00 Purchase


"One" part of 135 series. The inspiration for this series started when I discovered a slave revolt that occurred in 1841 on a ship called the Brig Creole where 135 slaves gained their freedom. In doing my research I discovered, two books that were about this historical event. A white man by the name of Arthur Downey authored "The Creole Affair" where he writes about the successful events on the ship, yet his main focus is the later political battle between the United States and Britain that would lead the rivals to their third war. The second book is written by a black man named Fredrick Douglas titled "The Heroic Slave" where Douglas also writes about the historical event, yet his focus is on the life of the leader of the revolt, Madison Washington, and his act of heroism. So essentially you have two people from different generations, lifestyles, and ethnicities writing about the same thing, yet their interest on the event are completing different.