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Richard Crookes Art Blog

North Yorkshire Open Studios, thanks and apologies

by crux , June 16, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: calligraphy

Hi there everyone - just wanted to say that I'm taking part in the annual North Yorkshire Open Studios event this next weekend (20/21 June and also 26/27/28 June) where I expect to welcome over 200 visitors into my home over the five days. For more information click here

Also - thanks for providing this excellent gallery space for artists .. I love the 'one click' approach to creative jobs, I'll definitely be looking out there... but also wanted to apologise that I got my price conversions wrong from pounds sterling and have now corrected that on my studio page.

I've also uploaded a couple more calligraphic related videos.

I'm always happy to hear from anyone regarding commissions/collaborations



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