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Cristina Tanaskovich Art Blog

Project, Exquisite corpse

by cristinatanaskovich , January 29, 2015—12:00 AM

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Do you want something different and apart from the style you have? This is a good way to create art by having a fellow artists join you, by putting together your next big project. The Exquisite Corpse a practice that belonged to Andre Breton and the Surrealists. A group of people take turns and draw on a blank sheet of paper, just a portion, then cover so the next person can continue leave three tiny lines at the bottom where you finished drawing, like that, next artist will be able to continue, but not seeing what is drawn, when completed then you reveal the mystery! Voila!!! Recently my father, daughter, and I got together and decided to give it a try, three generations of artists had drawn leaving three lines for a clue, then the next person had inspiration drawing, and the third. By the end we had fun and also surprised each other how can you do this, or why did you do this, after all the experience was ours, and now the fun comes in, when each of us gets to do the chosen medium for the same drawing that gets printed three times, in some cases a person may choose to do a sculpture too, anyway this is a way to have friends get involved and excited about the project, my father and I finished this project already but my daughter still needs to finish. Let's see how interesting minds work the imagination, and collaborate! Thank you Joanna and Gregory! I think this is a great way of expressing yourself and collaborate with fellow artists, friends, and family.



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