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The physical human form and the abstract concepts that

liberate or imprison it is the key to my mythological

world, my gateway to understanding the world around

me in both the physical and spiritual sense.

Drawing has always been the beginning of any process I

emerge from. My gesture of the human figure holds the

purest energy when simply composed of various curved and

intersecting lines with the urgency of scripted handwriting.

When broken down into smaller shapes, my drawings would

constitute more abstract forms containing movement. Over the

years, my process has grown into various languages such

as printmaking, painting, digital illustration, animation and mixed media.

In every process, I find myself going back to the same question

in my mind, 'How do I preserve the initial gesture?'. Each

time, this question leads me to art to find the answers. My

work fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and

has proven to be a very malleable agent for translating concept and intent.

I place together the elements of the world that surrounds me to

bring forth the world from within me. I toggle control within

my work between techniques of planned and unplanned actions to

contribute to the results. I'm steadfast in employing both

traditional and innovative techniques through my own hands and instinct.

Within each medium there is a stern discipline approached where I find

the stability needed to rein the force of my imagination. I realized

that in every work created, there has been the tension, an edge,

my affinity to contrast, that has helped to influence the final result.


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