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Donna Burstein About

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Donna Burstein was born in Montreal, Canada in 1954. She studied art at Sir George Williams University in Montreal and obtained a B.F.A in Art from the University of Miami, Florida. Since her emergence in the 1970__™s, Donna Burstein has blended the concerns and methods of Abstract, Architectural, Contemporary, Fantasy, Primitive and Modern art with her craft and uses original techniques to create her own unique process, most often striking and always engaging. Her work explores her contemporary obsessions and desires to state in colors her moods and her ideas. "Art is really just the communication of something inside me that wants to get out and be seen."

Donna Burstein__™s artworks rarely inspire moderate responses, and this is one sign of the importance of her achievements. Focusing on the use of colors and their relationship to each other, Donna__™s works create intense responses from her many patrons and collectors. Her work is and has been displayed nationally by many corporations, businesses and private collectors and her awards for all of her achievements have been numerous. This year Donna was contacted by the Art Guild about designing their poster for the 2010 Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, one of the most prestigious events in the country.

Since her first show in the 1980__™s, Donna has exhibited extensively around the country in hundreds of art venues including the Ann Arbor Art Fair, St. James Art Fair, Las Olas Art Show, and the Port Clinton Art Show. In addition, she has received countless invitations to exhibit her work across the United States. Her latest series is inspired by contrasting colors, bold design, contemporary images and ancient petroglyphs. This is perhaps her best and most creative work yet.

Donna Burstein lives and works in Coral Springs, Florida, with her husband and her three cats.


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