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Craig Turner Speedy Diamond: How Can We B..

Speedy Diamond: How Can We Be of Help to You
Speedy Diamond: How Can We Be of Help to You
300" x 200" x 100"
Jewelry / Abstract
Pop Art
$2.00 Purchase

Speedy Diamond: How Can We Be of Help to You

There might be some times in your life when you would want to sell what you have. Of course, you should be given back what it took from you years ago when you bought it. Who are we for you? We are not a diamond wholesaler who can give you a part of what the actual worth is, and sell it on the other side, and get more out of it. We are a retailer.So, sell it directly to us instead of losing the brokerage fee indirectly on the unnecessary bridge midway you might choose to use. We buy diamond from you and give you 100% gold value for its weight. We take small ancillary stones alongside your prestigious diamonds. We pay more if you have a certificate on it. We offer you the best quote. If it is not convincing to you then we give you back the product within 5 hours. We also replace your diamond with CZ, if you want to sell a diamond, but at the same time you can have one similar to what you had, so that, you don't lose out on how you looked when you wore it. Before getting into quotes and selling, we suggest you view the website to know some info on diamonds, so that you need not have the thought of blindly believing us, rather you have the voice to ask us what we do for you. What are the quotes you can choose? When you know some information, we can help you in choosing your quote. Give us some information about your possession. As a first step, enter your diamond details: 1. Choose the shape if round,princess,pear,marquis,oval,radiant,emerald,heart,cushion or asscher. 2. Type the carat size of the largest diamond. It could be 0.75 or more. 3. Tell us what the color of your largest diamond is. 4. Tell us what the clarity if your largest diamond is. 5. Let us know what the largest certificate of your diamond is: GIA or AGS or EGL or IGI or any other. 6. If you have additional diamonds over 0.25, let us know. 7. If you have pre-determined number in your mind on the quote, please feel free to share. 8. Upload a photo with the widest part of the center diamond at the edge of the ruler . 9. Then finally fill your details for us. Name, street address, contact number, email address would do. Submit the form to us and expect us soon, for you to say I am at the best place to sell my engagement ring When you don't know much info on the diamond, still we can help you, 1. Send us a short description 2. Give us the price what you have in mind 3. Share a pic 4. Upload a side shot of the product 5. And let us reach you on your details. Do you feel you need someone to guide you on the quote or to confirm you on the information you have submitted? Ask us for the third party you can work with, with whom you would feel quite easy. This incurs a small cost from you, around $150 from the price we give you. For more information on selling diamonds, just click here.