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Corky willis & Associates Atlanta Photog About

Corky Willis & Associates Photography has been providing professional photography services in Atlanta and across the United States for over 37 years. We specialize in Advertising,Business,Convention, Corporate Events & Fine Art Photography. Add Comment


Mr. Willis received his Professional Certification back in 1988 from the,"Professional Photographers of

America". Having worked with a wide array of clients__"from small business owners to large

multi-national corporations__"and to shooting for and having his work appear in major publications such as Time Magazine, Corkys__™s experience gives him the ability

and vision to capture and provide his client with exactly what they need when they need it and work with them to come up with a vision when they aren't quite sure

of their needs.

Originally from Atlanta, Mr. Willis's experience and travels has instilled a deep appreciation for

___The world in which we live", which is evident in his photographs and business philosophy.

___With such an vast variety of people, places and things in the world to photograph, there are no limits to the images I can reproduce.___ From a wide spectrum of categories such as Business, Corporate,

architecture,travel,landscape and advertising photography to food and wine,fashion,and event

photography, Mr Willis's versatility is amazing.

His commitment to excellence and creativity grows with each new shooting opportunity. ___Its a great feeling to know that you have done your job and helped your client do their job.___ He also is active in local and national photographic societies and clubs to further the art of

photographers and inspire photographers to take the art to a higher level.


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