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Manfred Kielnhofer About

Guards of Time Manfred Kielnhofer ___'______________________"Guards of Time___'_______________________ relates to the idea that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. It seems that only man himself is a potential source of danger for his own existence. In his works of art Manfred Kielnhofer deals with the natural human desire for security. Thus his oeuvre reflects genuine exploration, consideration and discussion of current as well as historic moods and sensibilities of his social environment. His works of art captivate with elaborate combinations of light and different technique. Manfred Kielnhofer was born in Haslach an der M___'___'_________hl, Austria. He is self-taught and works with many different mediums; including, painting, film, photography, installation, performance and sculpture. His work usually concerns the human figure, and its different forms and movements, focusing mainly on the peculiarities of human nature. He uses the human form as a tool, either on a canvas or in a sculpture. 500 x Art in Public, Chris van Uffelen, Braun publishing ISBN 978-3-200-02461-8 Add Comment


Manfred Kielnhofer * January 28, 1967 in Haslach an der M___'___'________'___'______________hl; is an Austrian painter, sculptor, designer and photographer.


Kielnhofer visited the technical College Linz where he took his final exam in 1995. he was engaged with technique and design and art on building lead him to his special way of art. Since 2000 he lives as an free artist in Linz. 2005 he launched Gallery Artpark in Linz.


The ___'___'____________'__________________'______________timeguards___'___'____________'__________________'_____________" of the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer are the top of a some years lasting development. Dealing with room-concepts, sculptures and installations on one hand and the being engaged with mystic experiences and religion on the other hand lead the artist to these strange characters. 2006 the first of these figures was created. It reminds us of a walking monk, who seems to be lost in something. Kielnhofer puts his timeguard in public places like ancient castlers, old mines, main squares or in parks. Kielnhofers ___'___'____________'__________________'______________timegurads___'___'____________'__________________'_____________" come and go, nobody knows where they appear the next time. They let us never forget that we are always watched. (Critics by: Martina Gansterer). 2009 Kielnhofer develops a new sort of act photographs. Therefore he builds a waterplate in his studio, where he can take photos of models sitting or lying likely on a mirror. 2010 he developed the concept of the Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 together with Martina Schettina. The Interlux-Chair, Kielnhofers artwork shown at the biennial, was registered in the design-database of the MAK, the Museum for applied arts in Vienna.


2000 Studies in USA New York, Miami

2005 Stipendium of the county of Upper Austria, Studio in the Egon Schiele Art Center Krumlov CZ

2007 Stipendium Austria BMUKK ___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ Egon Schiele Art Centrum ___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ Cesky Krumlov 100 years after Egon Schiele

2008 International symposium of sculpture on wood in Italy Ossana 2008

2012 Sculpture symposium, Hartberg Steiermark EU, Zeitkultur, Slow


2000___'___'____________'__________________'_______________2005. : Allerton Art Gallery New York, Gallery Tampere Finnland, Citygalerie Linz, Giga Galerie Ansfelden, filmproduction shadow performance main place Linz, biggest children-painting of the world at art-salzburg and art-vienna, Galerie Generali Group, Landart project Enns.

2006___'___'____________'__________________'_______________2007. : Gallery Artpark Linz ___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ Skulpture garden Artpark, Gallery Fotopark Linz, "Artpark Beyond Limits" globe of integration, Integrationsweltkugel", Timeguards on tournee

2008. Egon Schiele Art Centrum (CZ), Gallery Fontaine Amstetten, Black Box Gallery Copenhagen (DK)/Linz, Kunstgarten Graz; art in the public: Dianabad Wien.

2009 Cass Sculpture Fondation (UK), ArtVilnius (LT), Artfair Berlin-Arttower, Galerie Seywald,

2010 Mobile-Galerie H___'___'________'___'______________rsching, Woka Lamps Vienna, Castle Steyregg near Linz, Neuk___'___'________'___'______________llner Kunstsalon Berlin, Galerie Kunst und Handel Graz, Kunstraum Ringstrassen, Light Art Biennale Lichtkunst 2010 Austria, Galerie Claudiana, Area 53 vienna, Citygalerie Linz, Kunsthandel Freller, Galerie Thiele

2011 Galerie Thiele Linz, Nord Art Germany, Kunstprojekt "ghost car" zur Art Basel, Liste, Scope, Volta Show, Festival of Lights Berlin, Grevenbroich Inseln des Lichtes, Tacheles Berlin, Kunstverein Passau, ArtStays Ptuj Slovenia, Time guards on tour in Venice

2012 Design_Raum_Kunst Messe Wien Wohnen&Interier, Blaues Atelier Graz, Designmonat Graz, Kunsthandel Bachlechner, Sculpture Hartberg Zeitkultur, Public Art Basel Ferryman, Occupy Documenta Kassel


Switzerland, Slovakia, Salzburg Wals, ZKM Karlsruhe D, Saatchi&Saatchi New York


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