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Conan Zhao About

Currently a student at University of California, Berkeley seeking a degree in Applied Mathematics. Going to be 21 soon, HOOORRRAAYYY! Add Comment


i don't seek the truth

but i love to learn

i don't see far ahead

i'm too busy enjoying the moment

i'm a jack of many trades

but a master of none

i don't dream big

i live for fun

i see art all around me

there's more beauty in imperfection

my life is not perfect

that's why i choose none other than this one

After many trials and falls, I found my way of taking interest in doing portraits of people. I take great fascination in capturing expressions and emotions that make up each individual__™s personality and uniqueness. As the expression goes, eyes are the window to the soul. I put great emphasis these windows because I believe the expression to be rightfully so. Therefore, I take my time on this most important facial feature that can, in many instances, convey the difference between a shallow and sincere mind.

I often get lost in my own world of fantasy, of things that have never occurred and will never be. The process of becoming artistically inspired is no more difficult than placing myself in a place where I want to be and being influenced by those who I look up to. According to Newton__™s Second Law, you cannot move anybody without being first moved by others.


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