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Colin Perini About

Colin Perini is a world-renowned Australian artist. His work hangs in over 26 countries. The sea is a constantly changing dance of colour and passion. Each painting expresses one moment during it__™s unpredictable expression. Even in the most wild of seas, beneath the passion of the moment, I see a heart of peace and beauty, this is what I paint. Add Comment


The Art of Peace and Beauty

Colin Perini__™s seascapes are not clever or considered, they are simple natural expressions from his heart. It is his simple spontaneity that captures the hearts of those who must have his art.

Australian seascape artist, Colin Perini is a man who must be near the sea. Amongst the waves, rocks, sand, sea breezes and storms he finds his home. He is dedicated to painting the magnificence of the ocean.

Following his early years as a mechanical engineer, while art was a part-time pursuit, he has progressed through expressions as a musician, an artist in several mediums and a caricaturist in both Australia and abroad.

___My intimate knowledge of my subject and my medium (acrylic) allows me to spontaneously follow the subtle urges of my intuition as it pushes me this way and that.

This looseness of movement and looseness of intent, results in spontaneous and unique work that is dynamic, realistic and alive. My work is not an abstraction of nature. It is a representation of one moment in its infinite variety of expression.

___The nebulousness of water is my great attraction. I capture this moving mass in a frozen moment. The land, sand, rocks and distant hills are incidental in my art. They are only the dance floor for this ever-changing play of nature. ___

His art captures a moment in the life of the ocean, in all of its natural breathtaking beauty. Each painting has the vital essence of peace and harmony. He is a master of creativity.


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