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The Jury Game

by clintavo , February 10, 2009—01:25 PM

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Juried art shows are plagued by inherent flaws. As long as juries exist and as long as awards are given, this inherent dilemma will continue to have a negative impact on art. Despite his or her best intentions, the juror brings preconceived ideas or expectations. His or her opinions, likes, sensitivities, knowledge, etc. prejudice the decision.

Consider the French impressionists who we honor and emulate today. In their day they were dismissed and belittled by the juries. The jurors failed to see or understand their voice.

Likewise, today the juror may dismiss or overlook the artists who will one day be lauded as truly gifted innovators. These same prejudices spill over into invitational shows, gallery representation, and magazine articles. Is it fair for a juror to have the right to decide if another's expression is valid or not?

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