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Don't Skimp on the Frame

by clintavo , February 6, 2009—01:14 PM

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a succulent, tender ribeye steak and on the side were instant mashed potatoes or frozen veggies? Very disappointing, indeed. If I am spending the money for a nice meal, I want the entire meal to be good, not just the main entr__e. I have been to other restaurants with a similar price point as the first, but enjoyed delicious sides made from fresh, quality products. Which restaurant will I return to?

The same holds true with art. If I were to buy a painting worth several thousand dollars, I would be disappointed to discover that the frame was a cheap assembly-line-made-in-Mexico-or-Taiwan piece of junk. I would expect and demand a quality frame to complement the painting. If I was interested in purchasing a painting that did have a cheap frame on it, I would ask the artist (or have the gallery ask the artist) if I could buy it unframed at an unframed price.

I know of an artist whose paintings sell for $30,000-40,000 each, but his frames are worth at most $200 each (no, I am not mentioning names). They are the cheapest possible frames he could put on his work. Certainly at the prices he commands for his artwork (and he is a well-collected artist), he can afford a nicer frame. He owes it to the collectors to put a quality frame around his artwork. . .

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