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Barrett Rockhurst

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Art Marketing 2.0

by clintavo , April 28, 2009—10:31 AM

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[Art Marketing 2.0] 1. Make Remarkable Art 2. Have Conversations with Fans 3. Send email newsletters 4. Repeat. Continue reading…

Art Irony: Collector Loves Your Work . . .

by clintavo , April 16, 2009—01:23 PM

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"Art Irony: Collector loves your artwork . . .can't live without it. . . absolutely MUST have it . . . .then asks you for a discount..." View Original or Comment at: http://clintwatsonContinue reading…

We Make Money So We Can Make More Art

by clintavo , March 27, 2009—12:00 AM

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"We don__™t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies." - Walt Disney - replace the word "movie" with "art" Originally Appeared At: Continue reading…

The Jury Game

by clintavo , February 10, 2009—01:25 PM

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Juried art shows are plagued by inherent flaws. As long as juries exist and as long as awards are given, this inherent dilemma will continue to have a negative impact on art. Despite his or her best intentions, the juror brings preconceived ideas or expectations. His or her opinions, likes, sensitivities, knowledge, etc. prejudice the decision. Consider the French impressionists who we honor and emulate today. In their day they were dismissed and belittled by the juries. The jurors failed to see or understand their voice. Likewise, today the juror may dismiss or overlook the artists who will one day be lauded as truly gifted innovators. These same prejudices spill over into invitational shows, gallery representation, and magazine articles… Continue reading…

Interview with Clark Hulings - Master Painter

by clintavo , February 9, 2009—12:00 AM

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Clark Hulings' paintings are masterful works, highly sought by collectors worldwide. While his career path has led to greatness, it's interesting to note that early on he worked as a commercial artist and slowly made his way into a career as a fine artist - or what Clark calls "an easel painter". What follows is a recent Interview - conducted via email. I was delighted with Clark's candidness as well as his generosity toward his fellow artist travelers. I hope you will be delighted too. Links to Clark Huling's website and twitter page are listed at the end of this article. Lori: Do you think it's important for an artist to specialize in subject matter or develop a recognizable style? Clark: No. Your style will come naturally… Continue reading…

Don't Skimp on the Frame

by clintavo , February 6, 2009—01:14 PM

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a succulent, tender ribeye steak and on the side were instant mashed potatoes or frozen veggies? Very disappointing, indeed. If I am spending the money for a nice meal, I want the entire meal to be good, not just the main entr__e. I have been to other restaurants with a similar price point as the first, but enjoyed delicious sides made from fresh, quality products. Which restaurant will I return to? The same holds true with art. If I were to buy a painting worth several thousand dollars, I would be disappointed to discover that the frame was a cheap assembly-line-made-in-Mexico-or-Taiwan piece of junk. I would expect and demand a quality frame to complement the painting… Continue reading…

Hmmm, I may change my mind on this, but I think I'm abandoning art magazine least as far as trying to partner with magazines to help our clients by developing an easy online platform to place ads and save money. I read that Google has abandoned it's effort to bring print advertising into their wildly successful advertising network. And it got me to thinking about my own attempts to integrate print advertising into the online tools we offer artists to promote themselves. I had, for years, thought it would be really cool to have an online platform for our artists to place ads in art magazines. I figured we could make it easy to create the ad online, do all the legwork, collect all the money and purchase larger blocks of space and save the artists some money… Continue reading… 2 comments