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Carole Bleistein Art Blog

Farmland Layers1

by CKB1 , May 10, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Japanese imported paper, acrylics, brush, collage, color, paper, texture

Farm land layers kind of came out of no where. I find inspiration does that sometimes. In this case the inspiration arrived because I was thinking about the land. I am part of a show each year that is called. A Brush with the Land. I am challenged to come up with something that covers this subject matter from a new direction. As I was thinking about it I kept coming to the shapes and colors of the beautiful farm patterns. So here is the result. I have done three of these and will perhaps do a couple more. It is subject I like. When one looks at it close up there are wonderful layers of many types of paper. It is made up of collage on mounted rice paper.Imported Japanese papers, acrylics, sumi ink and gouche. Mounted on archival foam core. Hope you like it.



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